IR reflection sensor Version 2 - White

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Product Description

The stair lighting controller contains an IR lightgate sensor, but that kind of sensor can not be used with all type's off stairs. For example when a staircase is open along 1 side, it is very difficult to mount a sensor with separate transmitter and receiver.
In these situations, this sensor is ideal. It is mounted on one side of the stair and works without separate receiver or reflector.

Working Voltage: 5V
Power consumption: 30mA
Range 10 to 70cm min (self adjusting)
Dimensions: 79x79x24mm
Faceplate colour: White

The big advantages of this sensor over the other reflection sensor are that
-The sensor is self adjusting, it can be used with a wall in front of the sensor, the sensor will "see" this at start-up and will ignore it.
-The sensor works on 5V, so no need for the extra connection to 12V.
-The sensor is easier to mount.

Compatible with the LED Stair Lighting Controller Standard and LED Stair Lighting Controller Professional

This sensor is also available in black: Link


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