DSPIC30F3014 development board kit

Model: PIC-DEV4
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Product Description

Development board for an DSPIC30F3014. This board is perfect for writing and testing code.

The functions are:
-4x Led
-4x pushbutton
-1x LCD (2x16 characters)
-1x RS232
-1x RS485 (makes DMX possible)
-1x programming connector
-2x Analog input
-2x trimmer analog value
-2x Analog output (DA converter)

The in and outputs can be switched louse from the pic by dipswitches.

There are 2 rows of female header cups placed next to the pic, to make it easy to connect this board to a breadboard

The programming connector is a 5pin header where a pickit 3 can be connected.

This build kit contains:
1x 16R
2x 10R
1x 1K
2x 4K7
4x 0R
2x 5K6
1x 1K sil
3x 1K trimmer

2x 20pF
2x 10nF
12x 100nF
2x 1nF
4x 10µF elco
1x 470µF elco

1x 3mm LED rood
1x 3mm LED groen

1x 1N4007
1x 1N4148

1x 7805
1x DSPIC30F3014
1x MAX232
1x MAX485 of 75176
1x MC33204
1x MCP4822

Ic sockets:
2x 8p
1x 14p
1x 16p
1x 40p

2x 20p female header
1x 5p angled male header
1x 3p angled male header
1x 16pin male header
1x 16pin female header

1x 9p sub D
2x 3.5mm female jack
1x DC jack bus

1x 6p dip switch
2x 8p dip switch
1x 20Mhz crystal
4x push button
1x PCB
1x LCD
4x spacer M2.5
8x M2.5x6 bolt
1x M3x6 bolt
1x M3 nut

Because off a faulty footprint the 3.5mm female jack connectors are presoldered and glued in place.

For this reason there is a 5€ discount on this product.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 31 December, 2012.

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