PIC16F877A development board kit

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Product Description

PIC16F877A development board. This pcb is perfect for writing and testing code.

The functions are:
-7x Led
-8x dipswitch
-2x 7 segment display
-1x Lcd
-1x RS232 connection
-1x program plug (wisp or pickit layout, depending on installed connector)

There are 2 rows of female header cups placed next to the pic, to make it easy to connect this board to a breadboard.

On the pcb there is room to solder a 15pin sub-d connector (for a wisp programmer) or a 5 pin haders (for a pickit programmer).

This kit contains the folowing parts:
15x 560R
2x 1K
1x 10K potmeter
1x 4K7
1x 8 pin sil Resistor
2x 100µF
3x 100nF
4x 10µF
2x 20pF
7x 3mm led red
1x 3mm led greep
2x 7-segment display
1x 330µH
1x 1N4007
1x 1N5819
2x BC547
1x PIC16F877A
1x MAX232
1x LM2575-5V
Ic voetjes:
1x 40p ic socket
1x 16p ic socket
2x 20p female header
1x 5p male header (icsp)
1x 16p male header (lcd)
2* 10p female header for 7 segment displays
1x 15p subd connector
1x 9p subd connector
1x DC jack bus
Other parts:
1x 20Mhz crystal
1x 8 pin dip switch
1x PCB

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 20 November, 2011.

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