UV PCB Exposure box build description


Step 1
2x 1K resistor (brown, black, red) R3, R4
Depending on the lcd:
1x 0 Ohm resistor R2
1x 16 Ohm resistor R2

Step 2
2x 1N4148 diode D1, D2 ** Watch the polarity!! **

Step 3
1x Dil bridge rectifier B1 ** Watch the polarity!! **
1x 18 pin ic socket IC3 ** Watch the polarity!! **

Step 4
5x 100nF capacitor C2, C3, C4, C5, C6
2x BC547 transistor Q1, Q2 ** Watch the polarity!! **

Step 5
1x Buzzer SP1 ** Watch the polarity!! **
1x 10K trimmer P1

Step 6
2x 2 pin screw socket X3, X5
For this step you need to adapt a screw socket.
If you want to switch 230V then you need to remove all the metal from the centre contact (1).
If you are switching low voltage then cutting the pin is enough (2).

Step 7
1x 2 pin screw socket X1
1x 4 pin screw socket X4 (Can be made from 2x 2pin)
2x 2 pin screw socket X3, X5 (from the previous step)
1x 16pin pin header LCD1 ** Watch the polarity!! **

Step 8
2x relay K1, K2

Step 9
1x voltage regulator 7805 IC2
1x voltage regulator 7812 or 7809 (Depending on relay operating voltage) IC1
1x capacitor 1000µF C1 ** Watch the polarity!! **

Step 10
1x PIC16F628A IC3 ** Watch the polarity!! **
Insert programmed pic microcontroller in to the socket.

Step 11
This step is the making of the lcd cable and can be found here: LCD cable build description

The pcb is now ready

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