LED Stair Lighting - LED resistor

Some LEDs require a constant current LED driver. In order to connect these LEDs to 12V, a series resistor will need to be added.

Note: The power drawn from the power supply is now larger than the LED power itself.
For example:
A 1W LED uses +-3V at 0,35A, with a series resistor this will become 0,35A at 12V, this gives 4,2W. From this 4,2W 1W goes in the LED and 3,2W in the resistor.

How to connect the resistor in series with a powerLED:

The easiest way to do this is with a terminal block, you will need 3 poles for each LED.

Connect the resistor to 2 of the clamps. Connect the + of the LED to the other side of 1 of the resistor leads. Connect the ground of the LED to the free clamp. Now you can connect the cable to the controller (white cable in the picture).

Top view close up:

The resistor gets hot when the light is on. Make sure it can get rid of its heat, and that it does not touch a flammable surface. It is best to fold the resistor upwards in the terminal block:

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