LED Stair Lighting Currentamplifier Connection Information


Extended description:

(In this description 4 outputs will be described, the rest is just the same).

Step 1:
Connect the powerleads to both boards:

Step 2:
Connect the - outputs of the controller to the amplifier:
First ouput:

First four ouputs:
You will need to connect as much outputs as your stair has steps (more can be done, but is not necessary.)
Step 3:
Now the leds need to be connected to the amplifier. The + of all the leds needs to be connected together, this can easily be done with a connection strip:
Put a + wire fron the power supply under the first connection togheter with a wire to the next connection. How many connections you need like this is dependent on how many led strips you use.
Now the + of the led strips can be connected on the other side of this strip:

The - side of the leds can now be connected to the amplifier board:


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